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   For the first time since 1924, in reflection of its status as one of the world’s fastest growing sports, rugby returns to the Olympic arena this summer. Rio de Janeiro will play host to 24 teams – both men’s and women’s – competing to be crowned Olympic champions in rugby sevens, the XV-a-side game’s younger, quicker, sleeker sibling.    Rugby’s Olympic renaissance is intriguing, if not particularly controversial. The International Olympic Committee voted overwhelmingly in favour of reinstating rugby as an Olympic sport, ..
Image copyright of     Monday saw the first full day’s wash-out at Roland Garros in 16 years, and prompted calls from French Open tournament director, Guy Forget, to immediately install a roof in preparation for next year’s tournament. “We’ve talked about this roof in Paris for 15 years already”, he seethed, “today is the day to just say stop”. Clearly, the chap means business, and one would suspect that as his sentiments are echoed from most corners – with talk of tarnished global images and bureaucratic Fr..
         The inability of English cricketers to sit at the top table of the global game has perplexed this nation’s ardent following for a long time. We gave the game to the world, and the world produced the kind of players we could only dream of; or, more accurately, gave us nightmares for decades on end. Of course, we have produced world-beaters. Truman, Gooch, Botham, Flintoff, Pietersen, Harmison were all for a time peerless. The key phrase here, however, is ‘for a time’; no English player has dominated world cricket with any amount of longevit..
  Much has been made of the since-deposed, arch-scoundrel Michel Platini’s decision to expand the European Championships from 16 to 24 teams. With the inclusion of teams from the sheer periphery of European football – and the fact that almost nobody bar Ireland and Albania is likely to be knocked out at the group stage – critics have lambasted a decision which, they say, has ensured a dilution of quality and drama in what was once a sure-fire blockbuster from start to finish. In truth, it is hard to envisage – especially given Platini’s track record of..
             Congratulations to Theo, Lion Cub of the Week! Lion Cubs runs every Sunday from 10-11am at Teddington Rugby Club. For more information contact: or call 020 3424 5070.     ..
  Why has this country not produced a genuinely world-beating footballer like Lionel Messi in decades? Why has South America produced so many? Why have England mustered one semi-final appearance in a half-century of World Cups? Why have Argentina and Brazil reached eight finals between them within the same time frame? The answers are simple. Just take a look at the grass-roots development of young footballers, both here and in South America.  In England, kids slog it out with one another on miserable Sunday mornings, hacking about in the mud, contending with gale-force wind ..
  Come and visit Lions Sports Academy at Hampton Fun Day. Venue: Hampton & Richmond Borough FC, (Top Pitch), Station Road, Hampton, TW12 2BX Date: Saturday 21st May 2016 Time: 11am to 6pm Entrance Fee: £1 per person All in One Events promise a fun filled day out for all the family to enjoy. There will be bouncy castles, rides, side stalls and plenty of options for food and drink.  In addition: Lions Sports Academy will be running a penalty shoot out and there will be an opportunity to test your speed against our high tech light gates wi..
    Rugby is certainly not a sport for those of faint heart, spirit, or body. Recently-retired Welsh back row Jonathan Thomas summarised the gladiatorial mentality of the rugby player perfectly, saying that “you need to want to go out and hurt people”. Undeniably, this perception rings true. There is an accepted brutality to the sport; a devilish undercurrent that is entirely integral to the game’s growing global appeal to players and spectators alike. No-one involved in rugby would want to take that away. However, when Thomas’ summation is viewed..
    Cycling has for some time stood atop the British sporting podium. The exploits of Messrs Wiggins and Froome in Le Tour, coupled with that Herculean Olympic effort on home soil four years ago, built upon an already impressive pedigree to catapult cycling to the forefront of the nation’s sporting consciousness. No longer was it seen merely as a fashionable way to get around Cambridge; cycling became something that happened in a velodrome. It was pure, undiluted drama, it was the Knight and Dame-making showpiece of the Olympics, and it was undeniably ours to dominate..
Congratulations to Leicester City worthy champions of the Barclays Premier League; quite an incredible feat. To those in the know it is painted as a hitherto unrivalled feat of triumph against all the odds; a real-life David vs Goliath in which David’s hand-made, bodge-job slingshot has pierced the expensively assembled, diamanté-clad armour of the petrodollar-backed Goliath. In short, for those of us who have witnessed the time-honoured domination of the footballing elite on a weekly basis, the scale of Leicester’s achievement is obvious, in that it was completely an..